With Trump as commander in chief, concern about unlawful orders grows in the military

Members of the armed forces take an oath to obey the orders of the President of the United States and their commanding officers, as required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. There’s only one exception in that code:  If the order is unlawful. Service members are taught that if they are ordered to do … Read more

Trump’s relationship with the military is dangerously bizarre

Donald Trump’s mockery of retired Adm. William H. McRaven, who masterminded the capture of Osama bin Laden, is only the latest of many disturbing events and trends in a relationship between Trump and the military that is unprecedented, complicated, sometime contradictory – and at this point, cause for serious concern. McRaven, arguably one of the … Read more

Trump’s use of troops for political stunt comes under heavy fire

Donald Trump’s decision to send military troops to the southern border is being increasingly criticized as a naked and cynical move to make political points with American troops. (See my October 30 article, Trump willingness to use the military for crassly political purposes sets off alarms.) Former President Barack Obama on Friday combined mockery and outrage … Read more

Trump mocks rule of law by saying active-duty troops might open fire on migrants

Donald Trump said Thursday that he is ordering the active-duty U.S. troops he is sending to the southern border to open fire on migrants if they throw rocks. Trump is using the last days before the midterms to conjure up an “invasion” scenario to rile up his political base. But in threatening to actually use … Read more