The ongoing challenge of covering Trump is playing out in front of your eyes

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson’s charge that Times news coverage has become “unmistakably anti-Trump” quickly prompted a well-earned rebuke from former Times public editor Margaret Sullivan to the effect that “being pro-truth should not be mistaken for being anti-Trump.” This is hardly a new debate. When it comes to covering politicians and … Read more

It’s time to start ignoring what Trump says – as much as possible

The White House press office’s decision to strip CNN reporter Jim Acosta of his credentials – on the basis of doctored video, no less – demands a response from our major news organizations. Boycotting the laughable White House press briefings, staging a walkout, and suing are all fine ideas. But they’re not going to solve … Read more

Jonathan Swan, whose ‘exclusive’ blew up in his face, is the poster child for getting played by Trump’s White House

Jonathan Swan, who covers the White House for Axios, is getting lots of well-deserved grief for his giddy and enabling exchange with Donald Trump over birthright citizenship, which led to an enormous and embarrassing media circus on Tuesday as news organizations chased Swan’s story, hyped it, then (in most cases) realized it was just that … Read more

Political journalists need to stop stifling their outrage

It’s nice that the Washington Post and the New York Times the other day both ran articles pointing out that Donald Trump’s main strategy in the midterm elections is to traffic in fear and falsehoods. It’s nice that PBS Newshour had the Toronto Star’s must-follow Trump-tracker Daniel Dale on the other night, patiently explaining to … Read more

President says crazy thing we’re not going to dignify by putting in a headline

It happened again today. The president of the United States said something flat-out nutty, and our major news organizations treated it like normal news, slapping it into the headlines and passing it along to their readers with little more than the standard, buried “critics said” response. Trump was telling reporters outside Marine One this morning … Read more

Good luck separating ‘journalism’ and ‘opinion’ in the age of Trump

The always-worth-reading El Pariser has a piece out today at NiemanLab headlined “Trump’s USA Today op-ed demonstrates why it’s time to unbundle news and opinion content“. He suggests: If we believe there’s something special about the processes and norms that create journalism (and I do), publishers should draw a brighter line around it — a line that … Read more