The New York Times didn’t know what to make of Trump’s press conference; the Washington Post did

Faced with how to write up what it called Trump’s “rambling” press conference on Wednesday, the New York Times offered its readers a grab-bag of observations. Its main story was literally headlined: “5 Takeaways From Trump’s News Conference at the United Nations” (although in the print edition, where it ran on page A16, the headline was … Read more

The central question reporters need to ask Trump today is why he lies so much

Reporters who may have a chance to ask a question at Trump’s solo news conference this afternoon – only the fourth of his presidency – need to keep one thing uppermost in their minds: Trump lies almost all the time. So standing up, asking a traditional question, and then sitting down — and not addressing … Read more

Journalism is about more than just keeping track of the shiny objects

With the reality show that is the Trump presidency going into a total frenzy – jamming a week’s worth of plot twists and cliff hangers into a single day – it’s hard for political journalists to keep up. And when so much is new and shiny all the time, and it’s an adrenaline-pumping challenge simply … Read more