Impeachment watch: A possibility turns into a probability

The impeachment of Donald Trump is all of a sudden looking more like a probability – or maybe even an inevitability — rather than a possibility. A new, specific, credible accusation of Trump’s involvement in a specific, criminal act is allowing Democrats and some media figures to go where they previously hesitated to go, despite … Read more

Impeachment watch: LA Times editorial board draws a line in the sand

Where do you draw the line on what is an impeachable offense? I suggested on Wednesday that members of Congress be pressed to draw their lines in the sand, publicly and unequivocally. Newspaper editorial boards and opinion columnists could also help clarify things by saying what they think constitutes treason, bribery, or other high crimes … Read more

How is that not an impeachable offense?

With the House passing to Democratic control and special counsel Robert Mueller getting closer to going public with the results of his investigation, the eventual impeachment of Donald Trump is a distinct possibility. To political journalists at most major news organizations, however, impeachment is barely worth discussing — and even then, mostly in the context … Read more

Impeachment Watch: New book is a guide to removing presidents

(Starting today, more short posts, including frequent updates about impeachment. Impeachment Watch items will be archived here.) I wrote about Watergate veteran Elizabeth Holtzman’s new book, The Case for Impeaching Trump,“ yesterday, and noted that it joins several others on the impeachment bookshelf. Yet another new book on the topic is out today: How to Get … Read more

Watergate veteran benchmarks Trump against the Nixon standard – and calls for impeachment

As Elizabeth Holtzman recalls, “there was no will on the part of the House leadership” to start impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon in the fall of 1973. Then, on a Saturday night in October, Richard Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire the Watergate special prosecutor. The attorney general and his deputy both resigned rather … Read more