The elite media sees impeachment as a problem  —  for Democrats

The Very Serious People in Washington — the same people who supported the war in Iraq, always consider deficit-reduction a top priority, thought Hillary Clinton was entitled to the presidency, hold no grudge against torturers, and believe Democrats and Republican have become equally extreme — long ago concluded that any talk of impeaching Donald Trump was ridiculous, flaky, and … Read more

Unnatural Russian confidence in Trump victory quickly turned to fear of impeachment

The Russian government — which laid plans for a Trump presidency when almost no one else seriously considered the possibility – started worrying about impeachment the minute he was elected. That’s one of the findings in a report produced for the Senate Intelligence Committee on the Russian influence campaign on social media in the 2016 election. … Read more

Not ready for impeachment proceedings? Then set up a select committee.

House Democrats who aren’t politically ready to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump quite yet — but worry that none of the various oversight committees have the means or the clout to build the strongest public case – have a third alternative. They could follow the Watergate model, and establish a select committee. The Select … Read more

Impeachment Watch: It’s not just about Trump, it’s about reining in the ‘preposterous power of the presidency

In a must-read interview on Bloomberg Opinion, former Obama White House counsel Robert Bauer makes the case that impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump may be essential to rebalancing our badly listing democracy. And he acknowledges that both political parties bear responsibility for concentrating too much power in the executive branch at the expense of Congress, … Read more