A guided tour of Donald Trump’s brain

When Donald Trump speaks extemporaneously, his thoughts come out in a mad tangle of words and sentence fragments, with simple phrases constantly repeated and more complicated ones abandoned mid-way. He almost always returns to the topic of himself, his greatness, his victimhood, and his election victory over Hillary Clinton. It’s not normal. It also tells … Read more

By making Whitaker acting AG, Trump poked yet another hole in the Constitution that needs fixing

By ramming a sketchy non-Senate-confirmed loyalist into the position vacated by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump has yet again called attention to something that was broken before he got there, but that now needs an urgent fix. At issue is the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 (VRA), and how it conforms – or … Read more

Trump undermines the federal judiciary, even as he packs it

Donald Trump responded on Friday to a federal court decision blocking construction of the disputed Keystone XL pipeline by broadly condemning the American judicial system and characterizing its decisions as political – while expressing confidence in the Supreme Court that he has now shaped in his image. “It was a political decision made by a … Read more

Suddenly, Donald Trump is running scared

There’s a new dominant storyline in Washington today, and it’s that Donald Trump is terrified. His desperate attempt to spin the election results as a victory, his angry threat to go to war against House Democrats if they investigate him, and his explosive hostility to reporters at his press conference all indicate a new phase … Read more

A referendum on what? There are so many options.

Today’s election is obviously a referendum on Donald Trump. As the New York Times told us on Sunday: A Nation in Turmoil Prepares to Deliver a Verdict on Trump. But it’s also a referendum on racism. “By running so overtly on racially tinged messages, the GOP is putting that explosive form of politics on the … Read more

Giving Trump officials anonymity is a whole new world of dangerous

Here’s a small case study in why you don’t give government officials anonymity when announcing policy. (Ever, but certainly with Trump). Back in February 2017, Washington Post then-White-House reporter Jenna Johnson wrote an article headlined White House: Air Force One will not be used as a ‘prop’ at political rally. Its equally authoritative lede was … Read more