Will Trump seize emergency powers out of self preservation?

Raising the possibility of Donald Trump invoking emergency powers rather than get impeached or lose reelection, the Brennan Center for Justice on Wednesday challenged Congress to immediately start reviewing statutory provisions that release the president from many legal constraints upon his declaration of a national emergency. In an article in the Atlantic, the Brennan Center’s … Read more

George H.W. Bush was a horrible president, but Trump is the worst by far

To people who take our history unsanitized, please, the slobbering over George H.W. Bush’s life by the mainstream political media has been hard to take. Luckily, the internet is alive with some excellent reads about Bush 41’s real legacy of war crimes, racism, and obstruction of justice (thank you, Mehdi Hassan); his deadly neglect of … Read more

Swollen and out of control; Comparing Donald Trump’s presidential powers to George H.W. Bush’s

The extraordinary contrast between the 41st and 45th presidents extends beyond their diametric personal characteristics. The office Donald Trump holds carries way more power — with far fewer checks and balances — than the one George H.W. Bush did. Where Bush 41 was largely held to the conventions of the post-Nixon reform era, Trump is … Read more

Is Donald Trump engaging in witness tampering? Mueller knows for sure.

Donald Trump used Twitter this morning in classic mob-boss style, calling out two witnesses  – labeling one a soldier, the other a squealer. Legal twitter wasted no time identifying it as apparent witness tampering. But the only person who knows for sure right now is special counsel Robert Mueller. Trump praised adviser Roger Stone for … Read more

Trump threatens to use declassification power to beat back Democratic investigations

Declassifying documents for political gain is one of the more loathsome modern presidential norms. It’s typically done covertly. (See, e.g. Bush/Cheney after the Iraq war.) But by publicly threatening to do it – as revenge(!) with specific political opponents as his targets(!!) – Donald Trump is profoundly shattering even that sordid precedent. And for those … Read more

Donald Trump was never prepared to withstand this kind of scrutiny

The mind-shattering nature of Donald Trump’s election victory in November 2016 makes it easy to forget that right up until the end, no one – least of all Donald Trump – expected he was actually going to win. But that explains so much of what we’re seeing play out in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. … Read more