The purloined letter solves the mysterious case of the ‘internal resistance’

Originally published on Medium. Exhibit A in support of Trump insiders’ efforts to “control his impulses and prevent disasters” is the letter Gary Cohn stole off his desk. As the Washington Post recounted in the first story on Bob Woodward’s new book: Cohn, a Wall Street veteran, tried to tamp down Trump’s strident nationalism regarding trade. According … Read more

For Brett Kavanaugh, the separation of powers is a one-way street

Originally published on the ACSblog. Part two of two. Read part one here. In 2008, Brett Kavanaugh authored an extraordinary law review article specifically describing his views on the separation of powers – extraordinary because all of his suggestions expanded the power of the executive branch at the expense of the other two. The executive branch has … Read more

Congress should be concerned that Brett Kavanaugh wants to further restrict its power

Originally published on the ACSblog. Part one of two. Read part two here. The framers of the Constitution established checks and balances between the branches of government to protect us from tyranny. But after one and a half years of Donald Trump, it is clearer than ever that that those checks and balances have given … Read more