Trump welcomes another authoritarian to the White House

Struggling to cement a far-right majority on the Supreme Court, Donald Trump on Tuesday welcomes to the White House the president of Poland, whose far-right party has effectively put its formerly independent judiciary under strict political control. Trump is evidently a fan. He made his first European stop as president in Warsaw in 2017, where … Read more

Former New York Times Washington bureau chief decries false equivalence

David Leonhardt, the former Washington bureau chief of the New York Times, writes in his New York Times opinion column today about the blatant mischaracterization of the political parties by reporters who think false equivalence makes them look smart. Leonhardt’s thesis is this: The Democrats have not actually become radical leftists, or anything close to … Read more

The purloined letter solves the mysterious case of the ‘internal resistance’

Originally published on Medium. Exhibit A in support of Trump insiders’ efforts to “control his impulses and prevent disasters” is the letter Gary Cohn stole off his desk. As the Washington Post recounted in the first story on Bob Woodward’s new book: Cohn, a Wall Street veteran, tried to tamp down Trump’s strident nationalism regarding trade. According … Read more

For Brett Kavanaugh, the separation of powers is a one-way street

Originally published on the ACSblog. Part two of two. Read part one here. In 2008, Brett Kavanaugh authored an extraordinary law review article specifically describing his views on the separation of powers – extraordinary because all of his suggestions expanded the power of the executive branch at the expense of the other two. The executive branch has … Read more