Press coverage of Trump’s grotesque tweet fails miserably to explain what’s wrong with it

  Donald Trump’s morning tweet doubting Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser’s allegation of sexual assault was grotesque: pernicious and ignorant in the presumption that all sexual assaults are reported; misogynistic in its implication that the sexual assault wasn’t “as bad as she says”; dishonest in that he said he had “no doubt” about something he knew wasn’t … Read more

Oversight-in-exile group papers agencies as groundwork should Democrats get subpoena power after midterms

Things will change after the midterm elections, one way or another. If Republicans maintain control of Congress, Trump will feel even more empowered to indulge his impulses, knowing he has two more years to operate essentially unchecked by the legislative branch. But if Republicans lose control of one or both houses, Democratic committee chairs will … Read more

Trump tries a new line of defense: If the FBI had warned him, he would have fired campaign staffers with Russian links

In an interview on Wednesday, Donald Trump said the FBI should have told him about campaign staffers with links to Russia so he could have fired them. “They should have come to me and said, ‘Sir, you’re dealing with people that may have something to do with Russia. We want to let you know.’ And I’d … Read more

Hillary Clinton calls for a ‘big rejection’ of authoritarianism in the midterm elections

The midterms will be a referendum not just on Donald Trump but on the future of authoritarianism in American politics, Hillary Clinton told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday night. “The actions that we have seen coming from the White House in this administration in the nearly two years since the election have raised all kinds … Read more